Base board
Plywood made solely from pine (softwood) veneers bonded together in a cross banded construction.

Phenolic resin cross-bonded weather resistant glueing according to EN 314-2/ class 3 exterior, EN636-3.

Film of 125 gr/m² both sides, brown color

Edge protection
Two coats of water resistant paint.

Thicknesses and weight

Nominal thickness (mm)Min. thickness (mm)Max. thickness (mm)Weight (kg/m²)n° of layers

Panel size
2440×1220 mm or 2500×1250 mm

Size tolerances
± 1 mm – The panel can have dimensional changes due to changes in the air humidity.

End uses
Usage mainly for slab forms. Typical number of reuses is likely to be about 5 -10 times. However the number of reuses will depend on a wide range of factors including good site practice, the required con-crete finish, careful handling & storage of forms and the type and quality of release agent.

Mechanical properties

Nominal thickness (mm)Bending strenght Longitudinal (N/mm²)Bending strenght Transverse (N/mm²)Modulus of elasticity Longitudinal (N/mm²)Modulus of elasticity Transverse (N/mm²)
1837,62 ± 5,7636,21 ± 8,434321 ± 6033823 ± 528
2139,62 ± 7,5933,78 ± 5,124524 ± 10693717 ± 725


18 mm

21 mm


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