XTremeForms Shuttering panels
The ONLY 3-ply yellow shuttering MADE IN AMERICA

Produced with European technology and experience!

The use of high certified quality timber in respect of the environment allows to reduce any defeats.
The timber used comes only from planted forests.

Gluing with Melamine urea formaldehyde (MUF) glue under controlled temperature and pressure conditions, and controlled panel by panel.

Resistant melamine resin coating for light stripping and easy cleaning

Protected with polyurethane paint (PU) which reduce the moisture absorption and increase the life of the panel

Smooth surface of the panel giving visually beautiful concrete quality
Multiple and easy use
Long lifetime (up to 15-20 on each side)
Dimensional stability and high weight loading capacity

Mechanical characteristics:
Bending resistance: 40 N / mm²
Elasticity module: 10.000 N / mm²

Available dimensions:
Panels are of 27 mm thickness and they’re available in the following formats:
Standard sizes:
Width 0,50 m and length 0,97 m – 1,00 m – 1,50 m – 1,97 m – 2,00 m – 2,50 m – 3,00 m
Special sizes for columns formwork:
Width 0,20 m – 0,25 m – 0,30 m – 0,35 m – 0,40 m – 0,45 m and length 3,00 m
Big formats:
Width 1,00 m and length 1,00 m – 1,50 m – 2,00 m – 2,50 m – 3,00 m
*special sizes are possible on demand